It don't get no better...

Or does it?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and today I am thankful for yet another thing. Besides family, friends, having a job, feeling relatively healthy, and being off for three more days (YAY!), I am grateful for not feeling like I ate a piano. Maybe it’s true what they say about diets. One day of pigging out revs your metabolism. Well I am revved and psyched! I am sure I weigh less today than yesterday. Is it possible?

Sure! Anything is possible. It’s all in the attitude. Here’s how confident I am. I am so sure that I didn’t gain an ounce that I won’t even get on the scale today. This morning I will resume the diet position and not give it another thought.

Come, oh, maybe Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll hop on that instrument of good tidings and, bam! The scale doesn’t lie! The proof will be in the pudding. Ooooooooh! Pudding. I can’t wait til Christmas. I will, once more, rev that metabolism.

First and fabulous

Ok. Why first and fabulous, right? Well, it all had to do with first grade, which I teach, and how fabulous my tenth year of teaching was going to be. Then things got crazy and the whole idea of blogging on the job went south. I don’t even really know why. So here I sit in Starbuck’s, drinking my fourth cup o’joe and thinking I DO want a blog. And it WILL be a fabulous year, but I don’t really want to blog about school – all the time – every day or week or even month.

I just want to talk, on paper (or computer), about whatever. Like a diary, except more 21st century. Hence, Dear Bliary.

I wanted to reflect on my morning walk. I sometimes stay at our place near the beach, so this morning I stumbled out of bed, ( stumbling is part of my life at 60 ), brushed my teeth, in case I had to say good morning to someone, grabbed a bright yellow sweatshirt, in case I had to be noticed by somebody, threw that thing on and, iPhone and earplugs at the ready, I walked.

It was cold, but I didn’t have a jacket to match my yellow sweatshirt and pajama pants (Vain? Stupid?, so I kept on walking. I walked until I got to the sea wall and there I saw these monster construction vehicles dropping enormous piles of reddish colored sand onto the beach.

Construction Man, in his big yellow hat, nodded and greeted me, giving me the opening I needed. I asked ‘What’s going on?’ and he responded, ‘Maintenance’. Not a wordsmith, but pleasant enough. I told him he was ruining my chances for beach front property about four blocks down the road and his retort brought a smile to my face. ‘It won’t be long,’ he quipped.

That’s all it took to set the tone for my day. Just a simple joke and a pleasant nod.

That’s all it takes, people!