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First and fabulous

Ok. Why first and fabulous, right? Well, it all had to do with first grade, which I teach, and how fabulous my tenth year of teaching was going to be. Then things got crazy and the whole idea of blogging on the job went south. I don’t even really know why. So here I sit in Starbuck’s, drinking my fourth cup o’joe and thinking I DO want a blog. And it WILL be a fabulous year, but I don’t really want to blog about school – all the time – every day or week or even month.

I just want to talk, on paper (or computer), about whatever. Like a diary, except more 21st century. Hence, Dear Bliary.

I wanted to reflect on my morning walk. I sometimes stay at our place near the beach, so this morning I stumbled out of bed, ( stumbling is part of my life at 60 ), brushed my teeth, in case I had to say good morning to someone, grabbed a bright yellow sweatshirt, in case I had to be noticed by somebody, threw that thing on and, iPhone and earplugs at the ready, I walked.

It was cold, but I didn’t have a jacket to match my yellow sweatshirt and pajama pants (Vain? Stupid?, so I kept on walking. I walked until I got to the sea wall and there I saw these monster construction vehicles dropping enormous piles of reddish colored sand onto the beach.

Construction Man, in his big yellow hat, nodded and greeted me, giving me the opening I needed. I asked ‘What’s going on?’ and he responded, ‘Maintenance’. Not a wordsmith, but pleasant enough. I told him he was ruining my chances for beach front property about four blocks down the road and his retort brought a smile to my face. ‘It won’t be long,’ he quipped.

That’s all it took to set the tone for my day. Just a simple joke and a pleasant nod.

That’s all it takes, people!

2 thoughts on “First and fabulous

  1. This first post is FABULOUS! Get it? First/Fabulous? Sometimes a construction guy is just in the right place at the right time and bingo – good things happen because you’re expecting them. Thanks, Construction Guy.

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