It’s the holiday season…

December, 2011. Can you stand it? A few days ago I was Christmas shopping in 60 degree weather. Today, as I check my iPhone, I see I am venturing out into 39 degrees. December. Go figure.

Do you remember the frenzy of Y2K? OMG! And now, here it is, 2011. LOL! You know what they say about time, and it flying, and you having fun.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m having fun and all, but I wonder about everybody else. Here it is, like I said, December. It feels like yesterday was Thanksgiving and the day before that was Halloween. In a few minutes, (or about 21 days or so) it will be Christmas. It’s the holidays, people, and I don’t feel like you’re stopping and smelling the roses. I drive around. minding my own business, and if someone’s not barking at me, they’re presenting me with the proverbial middle digit, waving it around like a winning lottery ticket. Just because I came to a full stop at a stop sign. Hel-loooo? It’s a STOP sign! This is my right, no, my duty as a citizen and you’re sitting in your car, flailing your arms around and growling at me because I did something I’m obligated to do.

Come on people. Where’s the fun? It’s the holidays!


And try to stand in line while waiting to pay for some over-priced iPhone cover I can get on eBay for a third of the price, and someone’s cutting in and scowling at me because I mention that the line is behind me about 10 more people or so. HEY! YOU’RE BUTTING!!!! I’M TELLING!!!

People walk into me at the mall. Excuse me? I don’t think I heard you say, EXCUSE ME!

And try to walk down the sidewalk, again, minding my own business, and I’m always the one that has to step aside if someone is coming at me. Once. Just once, I’d like to be the person that doesn’t have to move to the side or get trampled.

Oh yeah, and when someone actually stops at a pedestrian crossing to let me , the pedestrian, get across the street, I put a little zip in my step and wave, in consideration of that person’s, ah, consideration. Why is it that every time I stop to let someone cross, they act like they’re off on some Sunday stroll and got nowhere to be, and neither do I, and they never wave – well almost never – and to top it all off THEY WALK ON THE DIAGONAL? On purpose, I swear.

OK. I’m starting to sound bitter and that really wasn’t my point. My point being, it’s December. It’s the holidays. Tis the season to be JOLLY.

Call it the Golden Rule. Call it Matthew 7:12, ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums the Law of the Prophet.’

What could it hurt?

Let a smile be your umbrella.

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Let’s put a pleasant grin on our faces. Try to remember the reason for Season. Love and Peace and Joy and Hope and Jesus. Let’s get JOLLY, people.

Stop. Take a minute to enjoy the world around you. And just breathe... Merry Christmas