You had to know I would start with this – New Year’s Resolutions. Does everyone make them? My husband doesn’t. That comes as no surprise to me. He doesn’t need to diet – he’s six foot, 187 pounds, and lookin’ good. Lucky him. I’m the one that wears carbs on my hips like a pistol-packing holster. He doesn’t need to vow an exercise regime for the next 365 days – he already does that. (Yeah, yeah. Big deal.) I’m the one that needs to resolve.

Over the past 8 or 9 years, I have fluctuated between 122 and 152 pounds, depending on which book I read, program I followed, gym I joined. I know one thing I resolve. I resolve to NOT EVER AGAIN say I am on a diet. OK. Good. Resolution number one.

Last night we spent part of our New Year’s Eve having dinner in Atlantic City, listening to a lounge act. We enjoyed ourselves. I resolve to enjoy 2012. Number two.

My request: Mack the Knife

As we headed for the parking garage, I looked out over Atlantic Avenue. The streets were lined with trees, bare of leaves, but splattered with tiny white lights. Pretty. Until I spotted a gentleman, and I use that term in its loosest sense, tossing an empty bottle into the grass lining the side of Caesar’s Palace – just about 5 steps away from a trash can. I gotta tell you, this really frosted me!

Glass walkway to Caesar's Palace

I resolve to be much kinder to Mother Earth (and try not to let the mothers that mess her up, mess me up!) Resolution number three.

Polar Bear Plunge - Jan 1, 2012 - Brigantine Beach, New Jersey

Fast Forward to this morning and the Polar Bear Plunge. Talk about resolve? These dedicated diehards got lucky this year. The temp was in the high 50’s. But STILL! I resolve to be as worry-free, care-free, and fearless as my Italian genes will allow me to be. Number four.

When it was over the crowd disbursed heading for the Rod and Reel Tavern for burgers and brewskies, the beach was left in it’s original state. That was pleasantly refreshing.

God's best work

Jeff in his 'winter' shorts. He will not give up the summer ghost.

Later Jeff and I walked on the beach.

I did make some resolutions. Not those I mentioned, but I did make them. They’re personal. But I will share one with you. I resolve to enjoy the moment. Live in the ‘now’. I’ll plan ahead when necessary, but not wish time away. What I have now is way too precious.