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A.C. N.J. OK

When you think Atlantic City, you think casinos, pawn shops, gambling, beaches, hotels, and diving horses – or is that just me and am I just old? (rhetorical!)

Well here’s something to think about.


A Saturday afternoon at the aquarium. It may not be the Baltimore Aquarium, or the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, but it’s quaint and fun and near the beach. You can’t go wrong with that.

Gardener's Basin, Atlantic City, NJ

And maybe before you swim with the fish, you can stop at Gilchrist’s for a scrumptious breakfast. The pancakes look like fluffy flying saucers and the omlettes are works of art. It’s a small place, but there’s a wooden deck and you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast while watching boats pull in and out of the marina. All this and a friendly staff.

A crazy little shack beyond the tracks - Amtrak that is

There’s a t-shirt, etc. shop called Web Feet and an ice cream joint. For dinner, try the Back Bay Ale House with it’s yummy soups and, again, a deck to enjoy the great outdoors in the spring and summer months.

The Basin is peppered with other tiny shops that are currently closed, but it all makes for an whimsical, stress-free, satiating, charming, Saturday afternoon. Mark your spring/summer calendar, take the kids, or just get away for the day. Better yet, book a room at one of the many casinos and make it a weekend excursion.

This may sound like a commericial. It’s not. I have no special interest. It was just that I spent a fun day with a fun guy (yes Jeff) and thought I would share.

And, speaking of sharing, here’s a little antecdote from class today – just as a side bar. Good for a laugh. Good for the soul.

Me to my class: So we all had a nice long weekend. Did anyone do anything special they’d like to share?
Student: I went to see We Bought the Zoo.
Me: Oh! With Matt Damon
Student: (with a quizzical look on his face) No with my mom.



8 thoughts on “A.C. N.J. OK

  1. That is not your grandma’s AC. I like the quaintness – which may or may not be a real word. Leave the AC grandmas at the Tropicana fighting over the luckiest slot machine. THIS is a place worth going. Am I a little jealous? Um – yes, a little.

  2. Atlanta Georgia, Lana Turner and Lana Lang are all unique in their own ways.

    Great post that reminds us of how we mistake Mass Media’s constructed view of of a place, its people and their culture for a simplified monolithic stereotype. As a Canadian, I am well aware of this since nothing happens in Canada according to the BBC and most American news sites. πŸ˜€

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