Sitting pretty - looking down from the sea wall

Word Press is handing down the challenge.  They will suggest a topic once a week.  The challenge is to post a blog and a picture with an interpretation of that topic.  This week’s topic is DOWN.  The key word, as I’m understanding it is ‘interpretation’ so here it goes…

If you’re from Jersey, specifically, outside of Newark where I was born, the word DOWN meant one thing:  Down the shore.  When I was a kid growing up, getting to the shore was tantamount to getting to the moon.  Fuhgetaboutit!

That was 50 years ago.

I’m making up for it now.  I went and got me a place down the shore. I’m livin’ in the space age, baby and shooting for the moon.  Now I’m down the shore every chance I get and lovin’ it.

Live the dream.



  1. I didn’t know they paid teachers enough to live “down the shore”, but, then I didn’t know teachers had such nice feet either…none of my teachers ever did…Or, come to think of it…I couldn’t see their feet as they were usually “Behind” me…Ouch, anyway, in response to your question @ my comments, I just came here and followed your site by clicking the “Follow” in the NAV bar above…if you’re signed in it should be there…unless you are “Following” already. If so, it will say “Following” Anyway, great post.

    • Mr. Thunder, Hehe. I appreciate the foot appreciation. Thanks for the help. I want to know how to do everything and know so little. In time…practice, practice, practice. You get by with a little help from your friends. ( I’ll now credit the Beatles for that ❤ ) The shore? I'm in debt from the tips of those toes to the tips of my ears. Oh well. You only live once. G

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