My Nikon D3000 - YAY!

I’ll have to admit I was a little stumped with this week’s challenge.  Indulge.  What does that mean to me?  Is it chocolate cream pie and cafe mocha, 4 slices of pizza and a root beer float, mint chocolate chip ice cream and then more mint chocolate chip ice cream? No that’s not indulgence.  That’s a normal day.  So I did what I tell my first grader’s to do.  I looked it up in the dictionary.  Here’s the definition I’m going with:  verb: to yield to a wish or desire: allow oneself to follow one’s will.

Man, Oh Man, OH MAN!  Thank you, Word Press!

This girl went out and got herself a camera!  Talk about indulging!  Not having two nickels to rub together, with bills haunting me from all angles, staring down two mortgages, and retirement ( and fixed income) just around the corner, my husband and I walked into a camera shop and said, “We’ll take that one.”  Like it was a puppy at the pound.

I’ve been wanting a real honest-to-goodness camera for 35 years!  Now, I went and did it.  I’ve been clicking on blog posts left and right and each one is better than the last.  Writing, photography, jewelry.  You name it. I see people following their dreams and doing things I only talk about doing, and now it’s time for me to indulge.

Thanks to all that have inspired me.  I’m off to point and shoot!



  1. Yay for the new camera! Indulging is my favorite thing in the world. Looking at photographs that you take is my other favorite thing in the whole world. Congratulations and Whoo-Hoo.

    • Janine, Thanks for visiting and for your email. I’m trying, but getting nowhere. I’m not giving up but it is making me crazy. Lol. Between the newness of blogging (and it’s technicalities) and the newness of the camera and photography, I am pulling my hair out. My next gravatar will be bald! Be seeing you…

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