CONTRAST…I can’t believe it’s March already.  But there it was.  The first week of the month and the daffodils were already showing their sunny faces.  The days have been warm and cold and warm and cold and, well, need I go on.  CA-RAY-ZEE!!  But I’ll take it. It’s been the strangest winter I’ve seen in a long time.  Things are changing, weather-wise,  no?  But there’s  nothing that perks the spirit, at least for me, like the first signs of spring.  The second I spotted these beauties, I had to grab my camera.  Just in case we have a snow storm in the next few days.  The ground, still hard and holding that look of winter, seemed in stark contrast to the bright green of the leaves and the brilliant yellow of the flowers.  Let it snow!  I have seen the first signs of spring and that will hold me over, just in case…



    • I know. They’re everywhere. I love it. Before you know it, warm breezes, no jackets, flip flops, YAY! I love Love LOVE the warm weather.

  1. ah yes, weather seems to be even more fickle these days, no? i think it’s awesome that you have such beauty sprouting and so nearby too! 🙂

    • It keeps me going. The beauty. The idea of renewal. It gives me hope for self growth. I struggle sometimes and I need a reminder. If those delicate little plants can push through so can this rough old broad. Thanks for dropping by. Good ‘seeing’ you again.

    • Cupcake and mom, Thank you for nominating me. I am going to try to be worthy of the award but it’s going to be another Challenge, besides my Word Press Challenge. My writing is limited, as much as I love to ‘hear’ what I write 🙂 and I know so few authors. Surfing around for blogs is so much fun, but very time consuming. You know how it is when you start looking around. You want to read and follow everything! I will do my best. Mom knows how stressful conference weeks are, being a retired teacher and all. I really appreciate that you notice me. Love and hugs, Gemma

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