THROUGH, ah, yeah.  Bear with me…

I’ve been reading so many interesting and inspiring posts since I started this challenge and I’ve been dumbstruck by the talent that’s out there.  Who knew?  The photography.  The stories.  The TALENT!  All of it.  I will be forever grateful to Word Press for taking me down this path.  I always loved taking pictures. I’ve forever wanted to write and have someone besides myself read what I wrote. This is such fun and so amazing to me.  And now people are commenting on my blog and checking out my pix.  GET OUT!  Can you stand it?  Can I stand it?!?  Barely.

But then I say, “Look at Gerry’s slide shows.”  http://cobbies69.wordpress.com/  He rocks!  I wanna do that!

And liv.e  http://livestaban.com/ – She spins words like a spider spins a web.  I wanna write like that!

Now Cris.  https://fstopfantasy.wordpress.com/  What a flare for photography!  I wanna be just like him when I grow up! (Kidding Cris.  I’m probably old enough to be your grandma!)

But alas, I can only be me.  And I will have to accept that I don’t write like a poet, and I’m no Dorothea Lange ( I didn’t even know who she was til I started this challenge and did some googling.)  And I know that some think me obstinate and unyielding (That’s really just my delivery and I’m working on it, honestly.  I’m just taking the circuitous route.) But deep down, albeit, way deep, I am kind and, like Tacky (if you know children’s books), a good bird to have around.

So, I’ll go with that.  I’ll go with ME and try to live more by the words of liv.e.  She has a porch with a swing and beautiful attitude toward life.  I’ll have a deck with a rocker and I’ll work on the attitude, and bank on my sense of humor.  It’s a start.  Even at 60.  I’ll pull through with flying colors with a little help from my new friends.

And speaking of getting through, back at the hacienda… and thanks for waiting, by the way…

This poor munchkin was sitting in a cage at the Atlantic City ASPCA, gazing through the bars of his cage.  If I didn’t have a house full already, I’d give him a go.  I’m hoping someone did.  And I go on about my woes.

Shame on me.

Support your local sheriff, and your local animal shelter.  Even if it’s just to visit, and spread some love.  It probably gets those little buggers through another day.



  1. Yay! You got ‘through’ it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your photos are awesome, and your writing makes me laugh and think and learn and wonder and be inspired. Don’t worry about your delivery. Delivery is in the eye of the beholder.

    And just for the record, I called you an artist when we were teenagers. I may have been the first, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be the last. You are. I called it. I win….

    • If you think I’m remembering that far back, you are sadly mistaken. LOL. Thank you. You are a true friend. And so honest. 🙂 You know I have always been a work in progress. I love that you see me with your heart and not your eyes (and ears!) xoxox

  2. oh those feline eyes, the stories they could tell! 🙂

    gemma, dear kind friend, you humble me with your generous words – thank you so much (and even those 4 words fail to express my immense gratitude – quite simply put, you have made my day, honey! teehee :D).

    if i may, i wish to rephrase a sentence you wrote above, from “but alas, i can only be me” to “and HOORAY, i can only be me!” 😀 because i think you are awesome, amazing, and wonderful, and whatever little things we struggle with (show me one human being who doesn’t have some kind of “factory defect” lol) are exactly what make us, okay, probably a tad annoying at times, but definitely and more importantly, those same things are what make us wonderfully unique and lovable and precious. and if that’s not something to celebrate, then what is? 🙂

    i definitely celebrate YOU!

    have a wonderful day, you awesome, amazing, precious you!

    • Dear Sweet Liv, I love your ‘rephrase’ and, oh, how I wish I was ‘wired’ like you. If HOORAY had been my idea, well, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

      Thank you. You’ve tickled my day. And given me MORE food for thought.

      Have you read http://touch2touch.wordpress.com/

      You might find her interesting. No pressure 🙂

      I will have an wonderful day. You do the same. ( why do I feel I don’t need to tell you that? ) Sent from my iPad

  3. Hey there, what can I say, thank you for using me as recall to your inspiration. I would like to say, that I used to feel like you, and still do at times. Can I tell you that I have just posted a post called ‘Thank you’ and that includes you. The people in this world of bloggers are pretty amazing. You, by being yourself means that you are original, people like that. I have gained courage again, after thirty years of stagnant play, to play my guitar in public. Folk clubs and jam nights. This came about because a lady said to me that there is always someone that will like your music. She was Wrong…..there are loads, beyond belief, as in this blogging world..always caring..;) enjoy!! hope I have said this right…

    • You have said it SO right. And that ‘lady’ was SO right. I use to think everybody liked me. Then I used to think, I can’t believe everybody doesn’t like me! Now, I think the numbers don’t matter anymore. It starts with me.

      The world of bloggers IS pretty amazing.

      Play on…I’m listening.

      Sent from my iPad

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