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A shot from high above a stairway in Atlantic City’s newest casino – Revel. This was taken from the 45th floor. Those cute boots to the left belong to my cute husband. They have nothing to do with the post, but I like the way they look there.

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Liebster Blog Award

I want to thank Genevieve and Cupcake for awarding me this, ah, award.  I am honored to have been picked.  And surprised, being new at this and all.  Maybe recognition at this early stage in the game is good. Anyway,with recognition comes duty.  I happily comply.

One rule of accepting the Liebster Blog award is to tell five things about myself that you don’t already know.  Here it goes:

1. I’m a hippie at heart…

2. And old enough to remember those days.

3. I’ve been married thrice.  Third time is a charm.

4. I graduated college when I was 50 and yes I started when I was 46.  (I was a slow starter.)

5. I was Made in Italy, but born in America.

The second rule for accepting the Liebster Blog award is to pass it on to 5 unassuming, but deserving souls.  I will pass this on, and I REALLY don’t want to seem ungrateful, but these award things are stressful for me, so if you feel the same, I don’t want you to feel any obligation (other than to thank me for thinking of you) so here it goes – again…

Smile, Kiddo

Gerry’s Space

Inigo Boy

This award should go to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  I don’t know if this is the case and I should be awarding to 5 not 3, but like I said – STRESSFUL!


A pirate’s life for me.

And what might that life be.

A patch I’d wear,

And braid my hair,

A pirate’s life for me.

With ears bedecked in gold,

As pirate’s do, I’m told,

My boots of brown,

All buckled down,

And looking rather bold.

A pirate’s life for me,

We’d sail from sea to sea,

I’d revel in pleasure,

Be swimming in treasure,

And keep it all for me.

As skull and bones unfurl,

My flag will flap and curl,

My crew will be,

In awe of me,

Not bad for just a girl!

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I’m putting in a plug for Red Robin.  I’m not saying we had the classiest dinner last night, but you gotta love a place that let’s you substitute!  It drives me crazy when I don’t want fries and I can’t have a side salad or veggies in place of those fries without someone charging me extra.  You mean to tell me I don’t have to have the fries, but you’ll charge me for the fries, AND the side I ask for because, what?  It confuses you?

Sorry.  I had to get that off of my chest.

So here’s to Red Robin, and their ability to deal with SUBSTITUTIONS and look at the baseballs arranged into a flag that is hanging on the wall near the bar.

Maybe they could have used golf balls in the ‘stars’ section of the flag to get the entire state count in, but hey…