I’m putting in a plug for Red Robin.  I’m not saying we had the classiest dinner last night, but you gotta love a place that let’s you substitute!  It drives me crazy when I don’t want fries and I can’t have a side salad or veggies in place of those fries without someone charging me extra.  You mean to tell me I don’t have to have the fries, but you’ll charge me for the fries, AND the side I ask for because, what?  It confuses you?

Sorry.  I had to get that off of my chest.

So here’s to Red Robin, and their ability to deal with SUBSTITUTIONS and look at the baseballs arranged into a flag that is hanging on the wall near the bar.

Maybe they could have used golf balls in the ‘stars’ section of the flag to get the entire state count in, but hey…



  1. How fun!! I can’t even tell that they’re baseballs. So cute. See what I mean about having an artist’s eye? You’ve got it. I don’t. After 2 hours at CrackerBarrel, I never even noticed the million pieces of art on the million walls, till someone pointed it out. And the only picture I took was of a battery operated hamster in a ball that I bought for Cupcake. Sad. It’s a good thing I have you.

  2. Ditto. Thanks. We compliment each other. ( I compliment you. You tell me I’m fabulous. ) What a team! I hope Cupcake’s happy with her hamster. Thanks again for being the first to visit. You are on the ball – get it!

  3. happy surprises that speak of great customer service are always wonderful to come across. 🙂 love the creative use of baseballs! i still need to get my “arranged” photo up although i’ve shot it; i just can’t decide which of the photos to use, haha!

  4. Beautiful and patriotic photo. Reminds us to always celebrate our heroes and pray for our troops. As for food substitution, ain’t it cool if they do it in all restaurants. Ihop does the same . I go there a few times in a month with my wife after a 12 hour night shift to have a filling breakfast. We all deserve to be treated with our favorite meal…

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