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   TWO SUBJECTS – Reading and Math

    OK.  It’s the teacher in me.



  1. Lovely pictures and take on theme. PS: just a note to say I like your CND symbol. I bet, like me, you wore the odd t’shirt with this symbol prominently displayed. I had a guitar strapped to my back as well. No to mention hair down to my waist.

  2. oh i just love the literal interpretation of the theme (must be the teacher in me, too 😉 ). and i love children as subjects of the photo! so i guess you know what follows right… how can i not love your take on the challenge? 😀

  3. First, congratulations for being a teacher. I think teachers are one of the unsung heroes of the past and the present. We owe our knowledge to them. Now that my son is Kindergarten , I appreciate all the more the teachers contribution in this world. Thanks for sharing a post that inspires! beautiful photos….

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. It has been a learning experience for me too, thanks to all the beautiful little people I’ve come to know. Coming to an end in June. Bitter sweet.

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