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There’s a bug in the system, or somebody dropped the ball, or I’m just out of the loop – nothing new to me – but I did not see any WordPress Weekly Challenge in my email.  Luckily, Ailsa, at Where’s My Backpack, stepped up to the plate and offered to run the show.  She posted the Challenge herself and people are joining in droves.  So here’s my contribution to REFLECTION and it would definitely behoove you to click here and get transported to Ailsa’s blog, and many more amazing reflections.

This is REVEL.  The newest casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  My husband worked at wiring this giant hunk of reflection for phone and wifi connection.

And, on a sentimental note, for all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day.


18 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

    • Thanks. It’s right on the ocean so that would be appropriate. Inside? Not so nice. Kind of cold, but maybe they’re just working out the bugs – kinda like WordPress – Hehe. Appreciate you stopping by.

  1. Cool pictures! But do you take each one when you start working on the challenge, or do you get the challenge and then start looking for a picture you’ve already taken that fits? It’s just… I’m just… How can they… They’re so perfect!! Ugh!

  2. I’ve noticed that some people take them from a stash of photos and some take them to fit the challenge and some do a mix. I do both. I just happened to take this one on Saturday and then read about the challenge on Sunday. Karma? No matter which way it happens, it’s fun. Nice “seeing” you again. Let’s do lunch, soon!

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