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I know it’s not Sunday, but I couldn’t let the week go by without entering my pets into Jake’s Sunday Post meant specifically for them.

Rocky, Marshall, and Phoenix – I salute you. πŸ™‚








OK. This last one’s not my pet but the photo made me smile.

Here’s to our pets – and unconditional love.


19 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – PETS

  1. Cupcake salutes you – not so much the cats. She’s not a fan. I am! I am a HUGE fan of pets, unconditional love, a couple-a pals pal-ing around, and any animal wearing glasses. Nice!

      • I would love another, but it has only been 2 months. Not sure if I am ready. I am also in China and getting a pet is easy, it will be the bringing it home that will be hard. I could have brought my cat home easier than one born here I think. I go home for the summer in 5 weeks, so it best to wait and we will see what September brings.

      • OH! So sad. I’m so sorry. I hope that September brings better chances for the companionship. There are shelters overwhelmed with kittens that need new homes. I’m sure you’ll find another little love of your own when the time is right.
        Peace. Gem

  2. You are blessed to have such loving and adorable pets who color your world with their affection. Beautiful photos. Pets brings out the best in us! Have a great day my friend…

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