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You know it’s summer when you see the first lone beach chairs hunkered down in the sand.

Jeff and I walked the along the ocean’s edge, and after a mile of ‘Toes in the water’ (thank you Zac Brown), we spotted these and we both smiled. Summer’s just around the bend. “life is good today”.

I’m a little late, Ailsa, but I made it! (click on Ailsa’s link here and see more ‘summer’ fun.)



18 thoughts on “SUMMER

  1. Love it, so much fun, all those blues of the deckchairs and the sea and the trim of the hut, set off against the white sands. Very summer, and very lovely! xxx

  2. What a perfect way to start the adventures of Summer. More beautiful is that you get share it with a love one. Love the photo and these words, “Summer’s just around the bend. β€œlife is good today”. Indeed life is good if not awesome! Thanks.

    • They say it’s what we make it. Sometimes it’s WAY harder than others. Need to keep the thought imbedded in my head. Summer seems to make it easier for me, somehow. I appreciate your visits and comments, IT πŸ™‚

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