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Jeff and I went to the May Fair in town today. There were tons of great things to see and buy and OMG – eat, but, I wanted to do something, other than see, buy and eat, in memory and gratitude, so I put together a little tribute to our soldiers. Men and women, past, present, and future.

I thank you and salute you.



We also have a tradition. Every Memorial Day weekend we watch some of the AMC War Heroes Weekend movies. Green Berets, Dirty Dozen, Saving Private Ryan. But one of my favorites is Kelly’s Heroes. Donald Sutherland, as Oddball, had some hysterical lines in that flick, but one of my favorites is when he’s talking to Moriarty, and then Moriarty’s response:

ODDBALL: Why don’t you knock it off with those negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?
MORIARTY: Crap! (this response is not included in the video, but it happened 😀 )

This quote doesn’t do it justice.
Here’s a video that includes that conversation and God bless all the brave men and women who fight for our right to be free.


5 thoughts on “MEMORIAL DAY

  1. Ha! So funny. I hate negative waves, too, but they’re out there, trust me. Oddball knows what he’s talking about. I’d rather be one of the people saying something hopeful. I bet Jeff would agree!!

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