Sweet Summer.

So Special a Season.

Sweet, Sizzling, Summer

Summer is water ice and bike rides, mile long walks on the beach and castles in the sand. Summer is my favorite season. I think it’s because that’s when I feel at my best. The kiss of a warm breeze brushing my cheeks as I sit on our deck reading, sipping sun tea. Skin lightly toasting.

We walked the beach this past weekend and Jeff spotted this castle. The builder was nowhere to be found. I knew right off that this would be my photo for the Summer WP Challenge. We saw one or two other ‘construction sites’ but this was the only one that incorporated shells. I like that. It gave the kingdom a little more pa-zazz!


Oh and the other thing I like about summer is watching Jeff on the beach. If he could pitch a tent and live there, I think he would.

Ahhhh. Summer. 🙂




  1. Cool picture of Jeff. Very …thoughtful. Not thoughtful like sweet, but thoughtful like meditative. I would name that sand castle/village SkullTown. It’s shaped like a skull. Summer… Yay.

  2. Sweet, sizzling, oh awesome Summer indeed. Everytime I see sand castles, I would stop and just marvel on how beautiful it is. Someone had a wonderful dream and expressed them by making a castle. Once we were like these kids, believing that magic and fairy tales exist. my favorite is the one with a person walking. So peaceful. Something that we all can relate when we are close by the sea. Thanks.

    • When we were young and innocent, and believed in castles and magic. There is still magic. That person on the the beach is my husband – my knight in shining armor – or in this case, shorts and a beachy tee shirt. Welcome, IT. Nice to see you again. 🙂

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