Ok. You’re about to officially get sick of the May Fair, but THEY HAD EVERYTHING! Vintage autos, fruits and veggies, jewelry, food, pottery, kiddie rides, ponies, food, clothing, did I say food?

And of course, music. According to my iPad dictionary: an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of RHYTHM, melody, harmony, and color.

RHYTHM. Melody. Harmony. COLOR!

Dang! I love music!

I didn’t get their names or the name of their band, but I do remember they played one of my favorite songs, and I sang and rocked to the rhythm…

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This week’s challenge was a no-brainer. Topic: TODAY. So TODAY, Jeff and I delivered a new piece of furniture to our house at the shore. Since my husband’s into wine-making, it only stands to reason that we would use this beauty as a wine rack.

Can you guess what it is

We purchased it at Dig This. A cool, vintage, furniture shop in Collingswood, NJ, where we hang our hats (not at the shop but in the town). This was a purchase we made during our trip to the May Fair last week. (see my previous Travel – Street Market post). I realize that we’re not using this piece for what it was intended, but I like our idea better, since books aren’t being cataloged like they use to be anymore (hint, hint). So here it is in all it’s glory. Don’t cha just love it.



And for a touch of me – a flower pot that was given to me by my class a few years back sits atop the ‘rack’. This peace sign thing has been on-going. This flower pot is about 3 years old. See. They knew me 🙂  And YES! You are correct!  It’s a library card catalog.  Cool, huh?



This past weekend, Collingswood had its annual May Fair. It’s always sweltering when they hold these events, and this year was no different. After days of rain, we lucked out and had a spectacular day. Was the sun beating down on my brain? Yes! Could I feel my skin sizzling in the rays? Again. Yes! But the sights and sounds – and, do you know me? – food – was worth the discomfort of the 21st Century sun.

Enjoy a little of my day at the May Fair.

Flowers. Always a market attraction.

I don’t think I ever saw mushrooms look so pretty.

CHEESE! Need I say more?

Pottery from Nicaragua-Just fabulous!

The streets were lined with vintage automobiles.

And again. Do you know me? My absolute favorite vehicle of all times.

You don’t have to travel far…

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