There’s a place I visit that is rarely occupied, and I can’t imagine why.  It’s peaceful and beautiful and if I told you where it was, it wouldn’t be a secret place.  If you know me, or follow my blog, you might guess-ta-mate where it is, but, the whole point of a secret is not to tell.  So I won’t.

For more secret places visit wheresmybackpack.  Thanks to Ailsa for posting a new Travel Theme Challenge.



    • Especially since you hardly ever see anyone there. I can’t explain it. The views are so pretty and it’s so relaxing. Maybe people prefer hustle and bustle. Not me! I’ll take you and Cupcake there next time you visit. And speaking of visit, thanks for stopping by. You are my one constant 🙂

  1. Looks lovely, wherever your secret place is. I’m intrigued, and am going to hazard a guess that it’s somewhere near by Atlantic City? Am I even close? 🙂

  2. I that it’s near Atlantic City, which doesn’t surprise me because there are lots of buildings in the background of the first picture. However, if you want something like that without all the pictures, travel along the Gulf Coast from around Panama City FL to Corpus Christi TX. You’ll find lots of secret spots like that, especially in the Florida panhandle, Mississippi, Alabama, and from Galveston down to Corpus.

    • The buildings – good eye – are in Brigantine, just over the bridge from, yes, Atlantic City. I’d love to see all those places, but sadly, not in my budget. I live, vicariously through you and other talented people.

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