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This challenge worried me because I don’t have access to a village.  Not in the form of a settlement or community of people, nor a fishing village, which I think either would have been so right for this post.  With a suggestion and a little help from a friend, I decided to go with a shopping village.  Maybe it’s a stretch, but, still, a nice place to visit.

Sign leading to the entrance of Smithville Village, NJ

Some of the shops in the village.  You’ll find clothes, food,

antiques, jewelry, candles, and tons more.

Just follow the quaint signs directing you to the various shops and restaurants.

No respectable village is without Ye Olde Tavern.  There’s even an area in the back of the Baremore that can be used for weddings or other blissful celebrations.

There are gardens and gardeners.

There are rides, then there are rides 🙂

If you’re looking for silly lawn ornaments…

Or decorative, glass candle holders…

Native American Jewelry…

Or just some wild and crazy conversation piece…

The VILLAGE GREEN AT SMITHVILLE is the place to be.

After all, a little wine and a lot of bear claw, well, no wonder there’s an Angel Oasis.  A little slice of heaven.

For a taste of more villages, stop by Jake‘s.  Also, check out his animations. His work is outstanding!  Click on his link or on the wonderful widget of the flying dragon on the right sidebar of my post.  Happy browsing…


16 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – VILLAGE

    • I’m with you! And I didn’t even show the geese and chickens running around. 🙂 They’ve got some great wraps at this cool little restaurant. We need to take Cupcake there.

  1. It’s the perfect village for me. Quiet with lots of beautiful and colorful things. Something that will give me a fun surprise at ever corner. An Oasis indeed. Have a great day my friend.

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