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I was reading through some posts about ART today and I came across one that mentioned creativity.  It featured a video by Ken Robinson, entitled “Do School’s Kill Creativity”, and it struck a cord with me.  I have been trying to decide what I wanted to post for Ailsa’s Travel Theme – ART, and I came to realize that I was stuck because I was focusing on adult art.  Mr. Robinson, short and sweet, says that we are pretty much stifling the creativity of children because art (music, painting, drawing, dancing…) are not valued as much as math and science in our school systems.  Being a retired teacher, and having seen this first hand, I do believe the man has something here.  Check out his video.  You’ll see what I’m talking about.  (He’s also pretty funny.)

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Meanwhile, I am featuring the art of a child I know – my grandson, Nathan.  This art is some of the best 5 year old art I’ve seen.  I know.  I’m biased.  But still.  Really good stuff.  If art, or dance, or music, or sports, or whatever, is where you excel, and it’s what makes you happy, then I say travel that road.

Encourage creativity.   If your child can’t sit still, maybe he or she needs to dance.  View Mr. Robinson‘s video.  You’ll see what I mean.

And whatever ARTform you embrace, I hope you dance…

Thanks to Ailsa for the artsy idea.  Stop by her blog to view more truly amazing ART.

I would like to apologize to the blogger who turned me on to the Ken Robinson video.  I wanted to post your link, but I looked at so many posts today that I’m at a loss as to who to credit.  But – I thank  you.


25 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – ART

  1. Our grandson is truly blessed with incredible talent . I believe he’s trying to follow his Nona’s example !

  2. Loving those hands! And what about those cakes – seriously – where did you photograph them? Who made them? And can you send me a slice? 🙂

      • They all seem to be located in the north east of NY state – bit too much of a commute from Manhattan, unfortunately. Just as well, I suppose, my waistline really could do without! 🙂

      • LOVE Wegmans! Out of Rochester NY – they’ve now made it down to PA NJ – not sure where else. Each of my kids worked for them in high school – great community service attitude and scholarship program for employees, at least back then! (And brick oven bakeries in many stores). My youngest worked in their bakery for a summer making cookies and bagels! YUMMY!

      • My son just landed a job there. It seems those who work there love it. I hope that’s true for him too. Plus discounts on colorful cakes! ( just what I need!)

  3. Adorable art! Robinson’s video says it all. Sadly, there’s no change in sight. And it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. We can only hope that the creativity somehow survives and is nurtured at home. Nathan’s is!

    • That it is. Mom and dad are always teaching, explaining, including, and nurturing. Gee. And they’re not friends. They’re PARENTS! Remember when I use to draw those women with heart shaped dresses? Oh man!

  4. School Art, Kids Art are the most diverse, bright, happy , optimistic , even magical forms of Art. They also help us rediscover the child in us long forgotten but all eager to come out and paint the world with a very colorful enthusiasm. Beautiful post!

    • I went to that supermarket again today. Those things are crowding the place! They are everywhere! It’s like they’re decorating the store with them. So colorful! It’s like a rainbow crashed into an Alice in Wonderland tea party!
      I don’t blame you!

  5. I absolutely loved this post! The art is fantastic and I loved the video. The video is awesome. He is funny, but I so agree with everything he says on there. Children are stifled creatively and I’ve seen it myself in my own children and grandchildren. I loved what he said about the dancer who would have been fed medication today and told to be still. Children don’t need drugs. He’s right, they need an outlet for all that energy. Great post!

    • Thank you for visiting and I appreciate all of your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Mr. Robinson says it quite nicely, plus you get a chuckle out of him. 🙂

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