Jakesprinter offered up a new challenge this week. Collectibles. This is a great topic for a pack rat like me, so I had a few choices.  But seeing as we are lucky enough to have a little place on the beach, well, you know where I’m going with this, right?  Beach?  Collectibles?  Yup.  SEA SHELLS!   If you live at the beach, you’re decorating with, eating with, sleeping with, let’s say showering with, and collecting sea shells.  Even our fireplace screen, below, is covered in beautifully colored sea shells.

There are shells in our kitchen cactus…

Shells on our deck table…

There are more in the bedroom… 🙂

And, yes, shells in the – ah – john…

Jeff’s mom loved pelicans, and his dad loved the sea.  This shell belonged to him, so we display these in their memory… xoxox

Their are plenty more shells where these came from.  It’s a vast ocean, chock full of beautiful collectibles, but I’ll leave some for the rest of the beach combers.

Click on the flying dragon, and he will lead you to Jakesprinter and more fun collectibles.


  1. I love shells. If you collect a million they’ll all be different. Plus they make great food and water dishes for pet hermit crabs and turtles. Where was this collection when I was a teacher? I BOUGHT a thousand shells at the pet store throughout my career! The pelican is so cool.

    • I know. Every time I scoop one up, I say, “Do I need another one?” but then I see the colors, or a bump, or something that says, just one more.
      Yup, Dorothy would have loved it <3. Sometimes we see them flying over the ocean. They are really very cool.

  2. Love your collection…grew up near Coney Island in NYC and spent a lot of time on the beach…back in the day, you could really find lots of amazing seashells…we loved picking up the conch shells and “listening” to the ocean. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Iñigo. There’s beach everywhere here. I just love it, and shell collecting. I remember that you collect beautifully colored little cars. I was out two days ago and saw a bunch if them in the store I was in. It made me think of you. Funny, this blogging world. 🙂

    • And the beat goes on…
      It’s like, you go to the beach empty handed, walk, and before you know it you’re asking yourself, “Why didn’t I bring a bag?” 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Margaret.

  4. I’ll have the screen when you’re finished with it Gem. It’s gorgeous! My daughter constructed a striking one for her otherwise ugly fireside when she lived in a rental. It was made from broken bits of mosaic- beautiful.

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