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Intercourse, PA

Interesting place.  Interesting name.  ‘nough said on that subject.

Jeff and I stayed at an Inn here, in, ah, Intercourse.  While there, we took a buggy ride with the most pleasant and informative Amish gentleman.  These are a few of the roads we traveled.

A shot from inside the buggy.  Looks like a stand-off!

A hard working people.   (If you look closely to the right, on the plastic tarp that protected us from the elements, you can see the reflection of our Amish driver’s hat.)

Road leading behind the Inn

And on the way out of town, a ‘watering hole’ off to the side of the main road.

Click on the Flying Dragon and follow the links to more roads well traveled.

Much thanks to Jake and his blog site for hosting this challenge.

22 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – ROAD

    • Saw that twice, I believe. Good movie. Kind, quiet, peaceful people. You had some great photos on your blog. I never did get to see any building being done. I’ll have to look harder next time. 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit, Lisaman. It’s beautiful country. Make sure you go there hungry. Lots of great food to eat.

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