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I was so excited when I spotted this in my garden late  yesterday afternoon.  I told myself that I would be using this for a post for sure!  And then, along comes Jake‘s challege.  I was all “Yahoo!”

I am no entomologist (and yes, I googled it), so if anyone knows the name of this butterfly/moth, please feel free to comment. 

Ah. Feel free to comment anyway.  Even if you aren’t an expert of le magnifique  papillion. (I knew that one 🙂 )

Makes me think of a beautiful ballerina

And just because I thought these were also very cute…

Though they look very similar, I see a difference in the tips of the bees’ wings.  When I enlarged the photo  on the computer screen, I was amazed at the intricate beauty of those wings.

I hope you enjoyed the close-ups and encourage you to click here for more.

Many thanks Jake.

27 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – CLOSE-UP

  1. Lovely, Really lovely! It reminds me of a photo I shot yesterday in my Mum’s garden of a Bumble Bee taking pollen from a flower. I am SO behind – again it was only yesterday I got the ‘Growth’ shot which is a bit late but hey, that’s life!! 😀

    • Thanks, Imogen. No rush. This is suppose to be fun. Not like we’re getting paid for it. Now THAT would be fun. I wish I had a job doing this. 🙂
      No pressure. Enjoy…

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