IslandTraveler has suggested that we have one last blast before the end of summer and I couldn’t find a louder blast than that of a Thunderbird racing across the August skies.

Jeff and I headed to Atlantic City for the annual air show today.  Parking was insane! That’s twice in less than a week.  First Saturday at the Union Rally in Philly and now this!  We headed to the south end of A.C. and I envisioned dollar signs puff, puff, puffing through my exhaust pipes as we drove around looking for somewhere to park GumDrop.   Luckily, we finally found the perfect space only 4 blocks away from the beach. We parked, checked for tow away signs, and when we felt certain we were in the clear, we slung our beach chairs on our backs and off we went.  As we got closer, Jeff spotted some sky writing.

I didn’t see the entire message, but I believe it said Atlantic City Salutes the Armed Forces.  I was psyched!  We were closing in.

When we got to the beach, we positioned our chairs toward the back, with the idea of making a fast get-away when the event came to a close.  They were predicting nearly one million in attendance, so we considered that a pretty brilliant idea.  Until the heat got to us.  Phew!  Jeff suggested we walk down to the water to cool off.  Well, that did it!  We got there, looked at each other, laughed, and headed back to the chairs.  We grabbed those babies up and dragged them down to the water’s edge.  Best idea we had since we decided it was time for me to retire :-).  Get-away be damned!

We stood for the next three hours, watching World War II Navy Trainers barrel-roll through the air.  Thunderbirds  corkscrewed over and over, leaving thunder in their wake.  A Bi-plane took to the skies like a crazed crop duster.  The crowd ooooh’ed and ahhhh’d, kids covered their ears, and I watched Jeff, knowing how he wished it was him flying one of those giant noisemakers.

Sadly, my phone ran out of juice, so I didn’t get pictures of everything, but here are some of the best.  As best as you can do with a monstrous mass of metal making its way across the sky at ridiculous speeds.  Truly a summertime blast!

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Until next year…

Visit IslandTraveler’s site and enjoy more summertime blasts.  Thanks, IT!


  1. That is one awesome blast that is hard to beat. Indeed the Thunderbirds raced and conquered in the most spectacular way across the clear August skies. I would love to see something like this in person. I bet my son would be thrilled as well. What a unforgettable by the beach at Atlantic City. A well celebrated Summertime Blast! Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend.

    • Funny how these blogs infiltrate your life. I wondered, while there, if the children of my blog world friends would have liked this, or if the sand and water would have more of their attention. Maybe I spend too much time on the computer. 🙂 Great challenge.

  2. How wonderful! Several years ago, we planned to go to AC on the very same weekend, but we didn’t know it ….. the traffic was unbelievable, and we had no idea why! Stuck on a bridge, the show began. We ended up getting out of our car where we were stopped and enjoyed the excellence. Thanks for a great post. I’m going to have to remember this for next year. 🙂

  3. Air show! Definitely a summertime blast in so many ways. I love that you bravely marched into that sea of a million people. Another friend of mine was there – on the beach on rehearsal day, but watching the actual show from her HOTEL window. Not quite as “blast-y” but not everyone is as courageous as you. Fun.

    • Courageous? Haha! As crowded as it was, I was happily surprised by the friendly people and the elbow room that everyone allowed everyone else. I saw lots of people standing on balconies right on the boardwalk. They actually had a really good view, but I think it was even louder for them. I thought the planes would crash into the buildings, they came so close! Really something to see.

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