This challenge turned out to be just that for me.  I come to find that I don’t have as many sunsets as I do sunrises.  I thought I could fake it and throw in a few morning shots, trying to pass them off as events of the eve, but all you’d have to do is read my About Page to know I’m on the east coast.  That puts the sun setting to the west, not the east over the Atlantic.  So truth be told, these are my actual sunsets.  Not a lot to go on, but always a pretty sight.  I’ll need to work on this…

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Thanks to Ailsa for the suggestion.  I owe you one, girl. You got me to thinkin’.  I need to get out of the house more. 🙂

For more beautiful sunsets, visit wheresmybackpack.  Enjoy…


Jake, at Jakes Printer, suggested the subject of black and white for this week’s Sunday Post.  OK, maybe there are hundreds of these out there, but it was the first photo I thought of when I read Jake’s post.

Here, from the Cape May Zoo, in the city of the same name, New Jersey, is my initial idea for black and white.  Surprised?  I think not.

Also appropriate for the challenge, and always in my thoughts, three generations of black and white.

Right to left: my husband, grandson, and son.


This because it was already black and white, with a touch of red 🙂

Thanks for the challenge, Jake.  To get a more in-depth look at black and white, visit Jake’s site.  You know the drill. Click on the dragon. (color edited for this post only :-))