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Jake at jakesprinters has presented us with a new challenge this week.  Distance.  Here’s a peek at the distance between me and Atlantic City.

And here is my grandson taking advantage of a little piece of equipment that will bring the distance in a little closer to him.  He’s checking it out…

And when he’s got it figured out, he’s reining that distance in just a little bit closer.

Not a bad view from where we all stand.

Sadly, he’s at a distance himself.  About 800 miles away in Georgia. Sometimes distance can be a good thing, but not when it comes to grand kids.

Click on the Flying Dragon to see more shots at a distance…

And in advance, thanks to all that take the time to stop on by.  Though you are at a distance, sometimes a GREAT distance, you’re attention, commenting, liking, and interest are very much appreciated.  The internet brings us a lot closer :-).


29 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – DISTANCE

  1. I couldn’t agree more Gemma. I feel the same about my daughter, and don’t see her anything like often enough. It’s a pleasure to keep you company in our blogging world.

  2. Great post. Distance is not my friend. Both of my sons live far away. Thank goodness for the ease of cell phones, skype, etc, but it is not the same as sharing lives up close. 😦

  3. it is hard when they are so far away. my two kiddywinkles are in Auckland and it seems so far away at times…I can’t imagine what I will feel like with grandbabies

  4. Lovely take on the theme, Gemma. Your grandson looks like he means business with that telescope. 🙂 Love your distance photos too. It’s hard living so far away from the grandkids.:(
    I’ve nominated you to enter the ‘Capture the Colour’ contest. You’ll find the details on my latest post. It ‘s a bit late in the day though, as it has to be in by 29th August, but I’m sure you’re up to it. Good luck. xx

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