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“Capture the Colour” Photo Challenge

A blogger friend of mine at adinparadise, nominated me for a challenge, and I am feeling totally stressed!  The entries need to be submitted by August 29, and seeing as I’m the queen of procrastination, it’s become apparent to me that I am going to have to relinquish my crown.  If I’m going to get involved in this cool project, I am going to have jump right on it, right now!

CAPTURE THE COLOUR – Sponsored by TravelSupermarket – a, yes you guessed it, travel site.

The rules say post 5 (if possible) photos to capture the colors blue, green, yellow, white, and red.  Sadly, it isn’t within my budget to travel the four corners of the world, so if you’ll bear with me, I will introduce photos close to my home and, in some cases, close to my heart.

Blue:  I found this blue mesmerizing.  The picture was taken at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, while on a class trip – close to my home, close to my heart.

Green – If you live in or near Philadelphia, PA, you are more than likely an Eagles Fan, and you bleed Eagles Green.   I am a Philadelphia Eagle’s apparel fashionista and am teaching my grandson to follow in my footsteps.  Here he is in the  Eagles Green cap – close to my home, SO close to my heart.

Yellow:  This gorgeous sunflower is growing in my garden.  If you want to see the rest, just ask!  They are AMAZING! – close to my home.

White:   Near the Golden Nugget Casino, in Atlantic City, New Jersey,  parked in the marina, you will find the water craft of my dreams. – close to home, no where near any part of my person :-).

Red:  At Revel, Atlantic City’s newest casino,  you can sit beneath this humungous red lamp, and I did. – close to home…

Not well traveled, but I know my colors!

Now for the next requirement.  And the nominees are:





Mr. B.

Instructions for this competition can be found here.  Click, have fun, and good luck.  My friend, AD, was under the gun to get this out, which snowballed into me (and her other nominees) being under the gun, and now it’s crunch time for you.  Please forgive me for the short notice.  Do what you can.  Do what you will.  Just know that you were in my thoughts.


21 thoughts on ““Capture the Colour” Photo Challenge

  1. Thank you for the nomination. I hope I can still catch up. Beautiful post my friend. The colors just jump with vibrant life and joy. A feast for the eyes. An adventure in its pure form. Thanks and congratulations.

    • Thanks for nominating me, AD. It was fun, except for the pressure. Ahhhhhh! For a huge procrastinator, it felt like an accomplishment. If I ever need a push, I’ll call on you.

  2. wow! what a challenge. thanks for the nomination. i’ve a lot of catching up to do. i haven’t finished a lot of entries until now. But i hope i can join in this challenge.
    Really fabulous entry. Congratulations!

    • I know how you feel, indiGo. Please. No pressure at all. These things are so overwhelming to me. You have a fabulous site, with or without a color challenge. 🙂

      • Well, the monarchs are rare, and their flight…shorter: But they can still be seen here and there…Indeed, if it was not for the internet, all this would have been lost to time and space, to today!

        Thank you for commenting Gemma! (you crack me up too): there now it’s mutual!


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