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Last night, meteorologists in the area were predicting tornado watches and warnings.  I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t know Who is ticked off, but this is totally out of the norm for these here parts.  I encouraged my mom to put a few pillows and a blanket, among other things, into her bathtub and to stay away from windows.  She’s 90.  She thinks she’s seen it all, but she took my advice and went about battening down the hatches. Smart woman.
Jeff and I headed next door to our friends’  place to play some cards and indulge in some homemade wine.  We figured we’d get through this together, with a little Doobie Brothers in the background.  Not too long after sitting down to our first deal, this is what we saw. 

I’ll grant you, it’s not a great shot, but it started pouring and it looked mighty scary, so I was in a big hurry to click and run.

As spooky as it was, that was about the extent of it.

Fast forward to this morning.  A beautiful morning for a nice long walk.  Saying a little prayer of thanks, I headed down to the beach, made a right before I hit the water and landed smack dab in the middle of the local WaWa ( similar to 7-ll’s and such around here). ” gotta have a WaWa”, is what it says on the cup.

So I took the time to stop, smell, and drink the coffee on this most glorious morning.

As the Doobie Brothers say, “It’s a way to make you smile”.  Enjoy every morning.  Listen to the music…

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28 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – MORNING

  1. Yikes. What a difference a night makes! That shelf-cloud or whatever it is, is ridiculous. Coffee is a huge part of morning, so yeah, we needed that. But I especially love the whole washed clean image. That’s morning – literally and figuratively. Ugh. You’re good!

  2. That night scene looks very ominous. I’m so glad it didn’t develop into anything bad. Good for your mom on taking your advice, however. I’ve never had a Wawa, but it sounds really good. 🙂

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