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Ailsa, at wheresmybackpack, has offered us up another challenging Challenge.  The theme this week is RED so I will bombard you with a load of variations on the theme.  If you’re not seeing red after this, I don’t know what to tell ya…

First, and, of course, we start off with a kind of reddish flower that I spotted at a roadside market. I say ‘of course’ because the word ‘red’ evokes images of flowers to me, and I’ll bet many of you.   I didn’t get the name, sorry.  Hibiscus , I’m thinking.

Next, a view of our deck, our reddish adirondack chairs, and red, red wine. (I know the wine’s more purple than red but, give me a break!)

Continuing… Red lights blazing on the diner where we had dinner a few nights ago.

And can you stand it?!  Lowes and snowblowers.  A fellow blogger, at TheRetiringSort, posted some beautiful autumn “red” photos.  (check her out)  Now, I’m fine with autumn sneaking up on me, but SNOWBLOWERS?!?!?   In September?!?!?  Come on!!!!

And my post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my favorite Phillies Phan. Love you, sweetie!!

Can you say, Harley Davidson???  Whoa!

I don’t know if my son is going to disown me, but this is him winning in Vegas.

OK, and with that, the “RED” stops here…

But don’t YOU stop here.  Continue on this journey into the world of “red’ by visiting wheresmybackpack.    Click on the red rose to get there. I couldn’t resist. :-).


44 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – RED

  1. Snow blowers! I have never seen one, aren’t they great! But as you say…. in September? Love the rest of the photos too, especially the ‘red’ wine. Lovely way to end a busy day!

    • Lucky you! Or maybe not. Depends. If you like icy cold February winds blowing at you from all directions and snow powdering your face, you might like it here. 🙂 Sometimes, it’s actually invigorating. But don’t want to be reminded of it in September.
      Red wine. White wine. Blue wine. Green wine. YUM!

    • Well, thank you, z. Funny, I was staring out my front door tonight, daydreaming (nightdreaming?) and your gravatar ‘hand’ came to mind. How I love that thing! I’m trying not to sound creepy, but I really (apparently!) enjoy your work.
      Thanks for visiting :-).

      • wow.. now that’s amazing! thank you for sharing!

        last night i was sitting in the pool area of my hostal and visiting with a young cuban artist who lives nearby. his aura absolutely glowed, and i could hardly stop looking at it. (that usually doesn’t happen – seeing auras)

        maybe there was some mystical alignment of the stars last night?

        here’s to the mysterious and unexplained!


    • Home? I quickly checked out RedBubble and see Atlanta on there. Originally Philly? My grandkids are in GA. Small world. I’ve right over the Ben Franklin in Jersey, but the Phillies are “my team”. Thanks for dropping by. Be seeing you, katrinamarie.

    • The wine may be a treat, but I can wait a little longer, and take in a little more sun, before it’s time to drag out the snow blowers! 😀 Ever since we bought one, it doesn’t snow as much. Figures!

  2. Great reds, fabulous. My pick is of course the flower, and the idea of having some red wine on that red chair is just great. But I don’t want to hear about ANY snowblowers for the time beeing… 😉

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