Not too long ago, this was the beginning of my every day life.  Wake up at 5:15 am, be at school by 7:15, greet my students at 8:15, school day, school day, school, day, see the kids off at 3:00 and prepare for the next day, rest of the week, holiday, whatever… til 5:30-6:00 pm. 

Jeff spotted this in a store front window last week.  I felt a mix of nostalgia, sadness, and relief. 

This is no longer every day life for me.

What is, is getting up a little later, sipping Island Mango tea with honey, while checking my email in bed before having a healthy breakfast (instead of wolfing down a granola bar), and then taking a leisurely walk, most times to the beach.

This is now a quick look at my every day life.  Retirement. Ahhhhh…

A walk along the water’s edge (until the water gets too cold 🙂 ).

Watching Jeff enjoy the sun, sea, and surf.  I love how he loves it.

Collecting shells.

People watching.  (And yes, this gentleman was playing bagpipes on the beach!)

Sitting down and reading, just for fun. (something that’s nearly impossible during the school year) 😦

And later in the evening,  sitting and watching the sun set from our deck, often greeted by our neighbors cat.

Knowing that every day life is much simpler and I am oh so lucky.

Thanks to Jon Sanwell, of Without an H  for this week’s challenge.  For more of Everyday Life, click on the WordPress logo.  Enjoy!



  1. Nice! Wish it was me, but I’ve jumped around too much over the years to be able to retire yet. Silver toenails : )) ! And bagpipes on the beach?!?! Wow, I would so love to hear that. I know I’d cry.

  2. A beautiful life 🙂 I like your reaction of “relief” upon seeing the window display! Thanks for giving us this peek into your world,

  3. I would love to have days like these, just having a happy day by the beach with the people that is closest to me. Beautiful images…from a fun day close to the sea to a relaxing time by the deck. Perfect day!

  4. I’m having days like these this week and could imagine having a work-at-home job by the sea. I could happily sit here translating on the deck with the rhythm of the rolling waves in the background, like white noise. Thanks for telling us about the rhythm of retirement – it was very encouraging. The last photo of the sunset behind the house is my favourite.

    • Trish, I would LOVE to still work, if I could have a work-at-home job. If you have any suggestions, keep me in mind. I wish I had planned better for retirement, but still, I’m not complaining AT ALL. A little extra cash would be nice, though. Thanks for dropping by again. G

      • You could tutor English. There’s more and more need for tutors now that refugees are flooding into Western countries. When I was in a small French town a while back, I saw a handwritten ad in a newsagent (newspaper shop) offering English lessons, and have often thought of doing the same. For the moment I’m working through an agency. Either way, it’s very enjoyable working one-on-one.

  5. Your care-free everyday life sounds divine! I don’t think I would miss the hustle and bustle of work and back to school either. I could sit on the beach every day. Love your toes in the water. SO nice!

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