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Ailsa, at wheresmybackpack, has presented us with a new challenge this week.  In celebration of peace, she has chosen to bring our attention to the UN’s International Day of Peace – Friday, September 21, 2012 – marking the 30th anniversary.  One of the ways to show support is by wearing white today – which I did – thank you, Ailsa.  For more information about Peace Day and to view other interpretations of white, please take a minute to visit Ailsa‘s site by clicking here.

Very white – but not just yet…


21 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – WHITE

  1. I didn’t even know it was Peace Day. Darn it. It’s almost over. I only knew it was Where’s Waldo’s 25 anniversary! The Empire State Building is red and white striped tonight in honor of it. Apparently they missed Peace Day, too…. Anyway, the picture is very peaceful. I love a snowy day – it’s a good excuse to stay in.

  2. As far as Snow in Winter, Houston doesn’t have one but I’m glad to see this picture knowing somewhere there is the magical white Christmas. I will see my sister in Connecticut this Thanksgiving, perhaps I may get lucky and see some snow. Beautiful post.

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