A Day in the Life…

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself.

Today I attended a workshop at The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.  When I retired in June, my co-teachers gifted me with a Groupon for the workshop.  I was, of course amazed and grateful, but today I was freaked out and intimidated. But, let the games begin.   With a push from my darling husband, and with him at the helm, we drove to Philly and parked in front of the Center – camera at the ready, iPhone in reserve.


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Josh was our instructor and he instructed and instructed and he PowerPointed and explained and then we went outside and shot some photos from the instruction and the PowerPointing and Josh helped and explained and instructed and we walked some more.

My head was spinning.  Josh was awesome, but my grey matter ain’t what it use to be. But I got the basics.  I learned a little about ISO, aperture, and f-stops.  I know where some buttons are and what they stand for or what they do ( I think) and it was GREAT! 

But I’ve got long way to go. But, hey! It’s a start. And I’m happy.

Thanks, Josh.

Thanks to my friends at Tatem School.

Thanks to my husband (for many reasons).




Foliage.  You’d think it would be easy.  Where’s a tree when you need one?

These are some of the photos I took the last few days.  I wanted new material, but I guess the good stuff isn’t going to ‘blossom’ for another week or two.  I hope you get some enjoyment out of these.

The first on is in front of my humble abode. I love the way just a concentrated part of the giant green tree is gold.

This is a long shot of the same tree.

Forgive the dried up old branches at the base of the tree.  The were picked up the next day :-).

The next two feature the side of the house.  This is starting to sound like a real estate ad.   (which, by the way, if you’re interested…)

  Close up of the tree in the above pic.

Facing the front of the house, this is the view through the pretty gold leaves.

And I found three trees the park nearby.  These poor things have no foliage :-(.

I just didn’t want to neglect them. 🙂
Don’t leave til you see these leaves at wheresmybackpack.  Thanks, Ailsa, for another fabulous challenge.