When Ailsa at wheresyourbackpack posted this challenge, I immediately thought Marilyn Monroe, spray painted gold, singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy.  OK.  Maybe that was a dress.  I’m still not sure after all these years.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Ms. Monroe, maybe not as much as Jeff does, but I enjoy the heck out of her movies.  But I thought I’d go a different route.

So here are just a few curvatures of my own.  Don’t get too excited.  It’s not what you think.

Curvacious snake at the Cape May Zoo, in none other than Cape May, NJ

Twists and turns and swirls and curves hanging from the ceiling at the Borgata Casino – AC, NJ

Delicate curves of the flamingos necks, also at the Cape May Zoo

Subtle curves of a wine rack we came across – Jeff makes the stuff, remember…

Our grandson, taking the curves in our living room – that’s his version of a peace sign as he shouts “Peace Out!” (If you know anything about me, you know kids or grand kids are going to be involved, if at all possible. And I’ll stretch the limits on the challenge if I have to :-). )

OK.  Send the kiddies out of the room because I just couldn’t let it go.

Thanks to Google Images for this photo of Ms. Monroe

For more curves, visit Ailsa at wheresmybackpack.  Thanks, Ailsa.

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When I first read the title of Jake’s new challenge, this is what came to mind…

Now that I’ve got that song in my head (and possibly you do too – don’t thank me), these are some of my choices for reflection.

Reflection in the Atlantic

Fishing boat heading out – Atlantic City, NJ

Sun and more reflecting off of Revel Casino, AC, NJ

And of course, beach reflection of two out of three grand kids 🙂

Clouds, welcome arch, and Pedro reflecting off of my car at South of the Border, North Carolina/South Carolina 

My son and reflections off of the Apple Headquarters, NYC

OK.  I’m done reflecting for now.  Hope you saw something pleasing to the eye, and thanks to Jake for another fun challenge. Click on the dragon to take in more reflections.

If you dropped by, commented, liked, or just browsed around, thank you for the visit.  You are always welcome to stop back any time. 🙂


My mom, husband, sister, and I were taking a leisurely stroll on the beach when I spotted this little angel romping at the waters edge.  She was trying, desperately, to drag a styrofoam boogie board into the miniscule waves that were breaking on the sand.  She was working hard, but the wind and water were working against her.  We observed for a moment, giving mom a rest, then continued on our way.  I regretted not taking a picture, but that’s just me.  I tend to sometimes realize the moment when the moment has passed.

On our way back, as is usually the case with me and photographs, luck was with me.  So I clicked.

We found her resting after her ordeal, and no, that was not the board she was trying to get into the water. 🙂  I decided, even without knowing her, that she looked like she might be a free spirit.  With her whole future ahead of her, and as many opportunities as there are grains of sand on the beach.  She is bound for big things, soaring free to be whatever she chooses to be.  You go, girl!


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