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This was way too easy.  At present, I am dieting (this is an on again, off again thing with me).  But I am not depriving myself of things I love. I am just consuming them, as mom would say, in moderation.  So I made this delicious Naan bread pizza that I found in a magazine, and this yummy delish salad that I saw at a salad bar.  And here you have it.  Delicious.
It started with sauted spinach and mushrooms, cooked in a garlic basting oil…

I whipped up a little home made sauce, spread that on the Naan bread – which is something new to me – tossed the spinach and mushroom over it, and topped it with fresh mozzarella.  A little sea salt and freshly ground pepper, then into the oven at 425 degrees.

The salad is simple.  Romaine hearts, cut length-wise and then use your imagination.  Olives, feta, tomatoes, roasted peppers, peppers – you decide.  I like a fig balsamic vinegar drizzled on top, but that is also your call.

After about 15 long, L-o-n-g minutes, voila!


Oh!  Don’t forget the Yuengling – your choice, of course :-).  That’s not part of the diet, but, everything in moderation :-D.

Click on the Flying Dragon to stop by Jakesprinters.  You’ll find more delicious posts there.


37 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST – DELICIOUS

    • Don’t even get me started with those Family Dollar plates. LOL
      CrackerBarrel! That is my favorite place for road trip breakfast. Talk about going OFF a diet. There is nothing diet about that place! 🙂

    • No olive?! Well like I said, your choice, but oh man! My sister and I used to put black olives on each of our fingers when we were kids, then pluck them off one by one and start again. I hadn’t thought about that in a while. Funny. I hope you find a yummy substitute.
      Sundried tomatoes? Peppers? Raisins?
      You are welcome any time, Jo. 🙂

  1. Delicious! Naan Bread Pizza with the veggies looks so , so good. That is a great way to diet. You inspired me to do the same. I exercise but I love to eat. Much as it hurts me, I have to control my appetite.

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