It’s odd that “happy” is the photo challenge for this week.  Ironic, I guess you might say.  It’s been a difficult week for our family because we lost one of our precious pets yesterday.

Marshall was a dear, sweet lug of a dog.  He was loving, and warm, and had the softest ears ever :-).

This was Marshmallow Man when he first came into our lives. That was a happy day, indeed.

Marsh spent 13 1/2 years with us.  He’s been a part of , and the cause of, many happy days.  Now we have memories, and as sad as it is that he’s physically gone, those memories will always bring a smile to my face.


I know the hurt lessens, but for right now “happy” is a little tougher than it was two days ago.  I’m kind of glad this was the challenge offered up by WordPress this week.  It gave me the chance to pay tribute to Marsh and to thank him for a whole lot of happiness.  Love you, Marshmallow Man.

“Happy” manifests itself in many ways.  Click here (WordPress) for more.  Enjoy.

For those of you who will stop by, like, comment, or just browse, thank you.  I appreciate the visits.  They make me happy. 🙂



  1. Oh no! Wiping tears here. You know he has my sweet black lab’s face. We talked about how they look so much alike. They really do. My heart breaks for you. I do know how special they truly are and how much happiness their short lives give us. Waving to the Marsh Man on the Rainbow Bridge. May he run happy, young, and free until you meet him again. Hugs. 😦

    • Sad, but he left a lot of love in my heart. Now I will direct that much more to Rocky. Our nut ball German Shepherd. He’s kind of lost right now, just like us.
      Thanks for the visit, Marianne. 🙂

  2. This is one happy puppy, i am sure he gave you lots of happy moments. I know how difficult this is, but think all the beautiful moments you spent together and smile, because he lived a happy life with you! 🙂

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  6. This is a great opportunity to talk about the happiness dogs can give. Unfortunately, they don’t live as long as us. Marsh looks like a loving pet. Great photos of him.

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  11. Having lost two of our dogs this year I understand the pain. Sadly we are preparing for our last one soon. But you are right, the best memories are the years and years of love they gave us….sorry for your family’s loss

      • If you haven’t walked in my moccasins…
        I know. It may seem silly or frivolous to non-pup/pet owners, but until you’ve experienced it, you just don’t get it. Not everyone will. Just love the pup that’s left for as long as you have him/her.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. We lost both our little maltese terriers this year it’s heartbreaking. Our girls can’t remember a time without the dogs in their lives and are missing them greatly. Sending lots of cyber hugs from Australia.

  13. Sorry to hear about Marshall. It is sad when someone who had been a big part of you leaves this world. Their memories though, of the joys we spent we them will always bring a smile to our hearts, ” He’s been a part of , and the cause of, many happy days. Now we have memories, and as sad as it is that he’s physically gone, those memories will always bring a smile to my face.” Beautiful post.

  14. Dear Gemma,
    I am so sorry you have lost a beloved member of your family. What a beautiful soul he looks like.
    I want to share a poem that helps me at times like this.
    Invocation – Rod McKuen

    It may happen
    that in some hidden
    middle night

    you’ll rise up
    and come to me
    in solitude or silence.

    We will meet
    as we have met
    on a train or at the end
    of some new train of thought.

    I am sending you love and {{{hugs}}} across the sea.

  15. Wonderful tribute to your sweet, beautiful dog. I’m sorry he’s no longer with you physically, but can imagine your memories must be wonderful.

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