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While wading through some photos to submit to Ailsa‘s Liquid Challenge, I found a few shots that I thought might apply.

But here’s the deal.  A challenge within a challenge.  The photo below was taken at the Cape May Zoo.  I didn’t notice it until my step-son brought it to my attention, but their is a face of sorts in the falls.  Clue:  Look at the top left and refer to the tequila bottle in the gallery.  Do you see it?  Once you do, you won’t be able to look at the falls without seeing it.  There was nothing photoshopped – something I can’t afford 🙂 and no editing was done.  Kind of freaky, really.  Good luck.

For more liquid – libation or otherwise – stop by Ailsa‘s site.


32 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – LIQUID

  1. they’re all great images and many made me lean forward for a closer look. yes, the image comes out of the falls! i have one from a rock formation in nicaragua.. to my knowledge, no one else has spotted it – maybe the light was just right that day, and i was in the right spot to see it?

    • Hope I get to see your ‘formation’, Lisa. I did great on sudoku and cryptogram today so maybe I’d be able to spot it! I’m going out to play the lottery. It’s going to be a good day!

  2. I must be an alien or an outcast? All I have is a big white box with an x in the corner. I’ve tried refreshing it- nada! I can see all the other pics though. Oh well- I didn’t want to play anyway!

    • Fountains make for good subjects. :-D. Most of them are my son’s shots from his visit to Vegas. The big one was mine – Cape May Zoo.
      Thanks for visiting, Miljo Anne.

    • Weird, right? Liquid. A necessity of life. In all it’s forms – lol.
      Thanks for stopping by again, Angelia. To bee or not to bee ( great photos on your blog )

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