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It’s snowing and I’m sitting here thinking about sunshine, warm breezes, beaches, and coconut oil.  I can’t help it.  I’m not a fan of the winter months.  My oil bill could choke a horse, and I’m still just as cold inside as I am outside.  ( can you say “old drafty house?” )

My thoughts turn to summer and a fun trip to the zoo with my beautiful grandkids that I only see once or twice a year. UGH!

So for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, I decided to showcase a few Cape May NJ zoo animals and any other critters I’ve come by along the way.

Enjoy and have a super happy new year.  Be safe!

And not to forget family and friends

Stop over at Cee’s for more people and animal Fun Foto’s before the old year draws to a close and the new one begins. Click on the cute icon below.




    • I’ll pit your hubby against mine any day. haha. Jeff wears his summer cut-offs til his legs start threatening frost bite! He is a die hard sunshine guy. Blog on, Jo, and have a wonderful new year.

  1. Great blog…some of our favorite memories are visits to the zoo with our grandchildren..when you’ve had your fill of the winter cold , come join us in Ecuador ..we have the sunshine, warm breezes, beaches and coconuts.. prospero anos y felicidad.

  2. Snowing here too, and I’m missing the Florida warmth. Yes, it’s hard not seeing the grandkids more often, but we make the most of it, when we do. 🙂 Love your photos of Rocky, and that looks like one very curious giraffe. Happy New Year, Gemma. xx

    • The dog belongs to a friend, but thanks, Angelia. Her name is Cupcake. Sweet :-).
      Zoos are great for relaxing, picture taking, connecting with nature. I LOVE them.
      xx ~ Gemma

    • We use to go to the Philadelphia Zoo. Nice but, cha-ching $$$$$
      We discovered this zoo this summer. Just as fun and free (donation). No brainer. 🙂
      Happy, healthier new year.

    • Look up a few comments and you’ll see her. Her name is cupcake. She’s my friend’s dog and she has an entire wardrobe. She needs one. She goes to the library to read with the kids (of course she doesn’t actually read. She just sits there, looks cute and let’s them pet her.) and she visits the VA Hospital for more petting. Therapy dog. So so cute and busy.

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