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Ailsa @ wheresmybackpack suggested the word “new” for this week’s challenge.  I immediately thought of the new year, because, well, you know.  But then I looked at Ailsa’s photo and I realized the word new could mean so many things – just like the new year can bring so many new things.  New growth, new friends, new job, new diet, new resolutions, new attitude, new lots of things.  So I looked through my photos and decided to try something new – new old.  Confused.  Well you won’t be for long.  If you know anything about me, you know I’m all about peace signs and The Beatles, tie-dying and denim, funky beads and VW’s.  And ok, sometimes living in the past. So when my son spotted this, he thought of me.  He knows his mom :-).

This is my newest post.  Old, restored, rejuvenated, retro, NEW.    PEACE and HAPPY “NEW” YEAR!

vw bus

Scoot on over to Ailsa’s @ wheresmybackpack for more groovy ‘new’ posts.


20 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – NEW

  1. In 1964, I was 14 and my parents had one of these. The ‘camper’ version, with a little table inside. Haven’t seen any in years…. until I visited my son in Seattle, where I saw them often!

    • I drove one cross county back in 1970. Almost made it! Haha. Those pistons wouldn’t hold out.
      For some reason, WordPress has chosen to knock some of the people I follow off of my ‘following’ list. I’m clueless as to how many people I use to follow I no longer follow. I don’t know what happened, but as people comment, I get them back. YAY! Thanks for stopping by.

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