Thursday Lingering Look At Windows Week 3

Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God.

LENNY BRUCE, The Essential Lenny Bruce

Something to ponder.

I know I did church windows for Dawn’s Lingering Look post last week, but I couldn’t pass these up. These precious little panes are paving a path to the sky. Be ye a believer or be ye not, be you a church goer or be you not, church windows a worth a lingering look. Even a second lingering look.


Not to be a pain, but I think you should make your way to Dawn‘s Lingering Look at Windows. Just click on the link.



Last week I goofed BIG TIME!  As much as I love Cee’s work @, I misspoke (mistyped?) and didn’t give credit where credit was due.  So after humble apologies, I am setting the record straight.  THURSDAY LINGERING LOOK AT WINDOWS is hosted by Dawn at The Day After. Having said that (and after feeling foolish and illiterate – can I even read words in my native tongue?!) here’s a peek through my windows for this week.

church window 1

church window 2St. Thomas’ Church – Brigantine, New Jersey

Please make me feel redeemed and stop by Dawn’s to see more wonderful window pix.

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In a little cafe, just the other side of the  highway…

It wasn’t really a cafe, it was a diner. But that’s not how the song goes.

Then again, in the song, it was “the other side of the border”, but there’s no border here. Just highway.

Have I lost you, yet?  I’m confusing myself.  Nevertheless, the walls of this cafe/diner on the other side of the border/highway are decorated with a potpourri of items, that to me, seem to have no rhyme or reason. Yet I love to eat there, always looking for what’s new in wall ornaments.  As you enter the building you see a couple of paintings.  Then you see a myriad of trinkets, signs, bottles, and what-all-else hanging everywhere.  It’s hard to eat without spinning your head, Linda Blair style – well almost Linda Blair style. (are you to young for that reference?)

The wall paintings are pretty cool, but the artist made at least one error in each picture.  Can you guess what they are?

Need another brick in your wall?  Stop by Ailsa‘s @ wheresmybackpack and take a peek by clicking on the link.

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Credit to Jay and the Americans for the cafes and borders 🙂


You take a tree – maybe one with what looks like a thermometer in it’s belly 🙂

tree 1

A tree in Knight Park in Collingswood, NJ. It looks like it can tell the temperature. Well, I’ll tell you the temperature. IT’S 15 DEGREES!!!!

Cut it down – sort of like this

tree 2

A tree, a cut down tree, a wooden bench, a park full of trees (no surprise there).

And maybe end up with something like this.


Wooden American Eagle and wooden American flag.

Cee, @, is hosting a challenge pertaining to the Chinese 5 Elements.  This week’s entry is to be all about wood.  I know I posted an eagle for Cee’s Metal Challenge, but there seems to be a theme around our house.  Jeff is an avid history buff and our house is filled with Civil War photos, American Flags – of the wood, metal and fabric variety – and, of course, American Eagles.  All these gorgeous birds seem to have a menacing look in their eyes, but they are magnificent – wooden or otherwise.

Visit Cee’s for more about wood, and the Chinese 5 Elements. cees-fun-foto1


Water is the driving force of all nature

Leonardo da Vinci

Cee runs a Fun Foto Challenge that you won’t want to miss.  Click on the cute icon below to see what’s happening at her site.


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Bob’s Challenge: Frameable Keepers Week 3

Bob, at Northwest Photographer, is sponsoring a challenge that I’ve participated in the past two weeks.  He’s a wizard when it comes to Photoshop and editing.  He’s given me some pointers and done a few adjustments on my stuff.  Normally, I’d be insulted, sensitive soul that I am.  But I’m looking to get better at this photo business, and Bob “gently” advises me, so I’m good with it.

The challenge is all about choosing a photograph you’ve taken that you’d like to see framed and hung in your home.  I’m looking to hang and frame.  Here’s hoping Bob’s still in a kind frame of mind. 🙂


I call this one Jonathan Livingston.  You’ve heard of him, I presume?


I am an introvert…

I love being by myself,  love being outdoors,

Love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers,

The sky

Audrey Hepburn

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Overlooking the Marina in Atlantic City, boasting a magnificent view of the city, is the Chart House Restaurant.  I haven’t had the pleasure of dining there, so I don’t have a photo of the exquisite view they’re bragging about, but I did travel the glass-enclosed walkway right up to their front entrance and enjoyed a different view.  If you look UP, here’s what you see.




Sometimes, you just have to look at things differently.  I’m UP for that!  

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Thursday Lingering Look at Windows – Week 1


And yet another challenge has come to my attention.  There is absolutely no way I can keep up with all these challenges, as much as I want to, but ya just get sucked in.  Ya know?  So where I can, I try to post, and as long as it’s more fun than work, I’ll do what I can.  Like I’ve said before, “If only there were 48 hours in a day…”

Cee has taken over this Window Challenge from Sandra Connor.  Somehow, this one got by me, but I’m on it now.

I have been looking for a reason to post this photo, for –  if you know me or are even the least bit observant – obvious reasons.  I passed by this window display several times and finally was able to make a quick right, then left into a nearby driveway.  The neighborhood is always busseling and it’s so hard to find a spot to stop.  When I got the chance, I took it. Right, left, park, click, post.  I love this shot.  I hope you ‘like’ it. “:-)

peace window

The windows look like they can stand a little scrubbing, but, sometimes, you just need to overlook the grunge. 🙂

There are more windows to look through at Cee’s.  Stop by.