There’s a guy living in Oregon named Bob. I’m sure there are many Bobs in Orgeon, but this Bob is special. He takes a lot of very cool photos, and he seems very nice.  A friend of mine directed me to his blog, and the first thing I come across is a challenge!  AHHHHHH!  I am so not ready for another challenge since I can’t even keep up with the ones I know of now! But Bob’s seems fun too, so I figure, what the heck.  

Bob says he wishes to start a challenge for Sundays asking that you post a photo you would love to have framed and hanging on your wall.  Easy, right?  So today, while my husband and I walked Rocky through a nearby park, I clicked a little.  Here’s one of the shots I thought, “Now, that would look nice in the hallway.”  Whaddaya think?

Frozen lake

Drop by Bob’s by clicking on the icon below.  You won’t be disappointed.




  1. Thank you so much for entering my first challenge. I love the photo you entered and agree it would look great framed & hanging on your wall. If you would like to see my edit of you photo just let me know & I’ll post a Before & After post on my site featuring your photo. If not, I’ll keep it to myself. Again, welcome to my blog & challenge & thanks for participating. 🙂 – Bob

    • I hope you enjoy the photos, Roberta.
      Question. How do I use the ‘textures’ from ‘Pixel’ blog? Are there instructions somewhere on line? I downloaded one and then – duh – didn’t know what to do. If you know of any instruction, please link. Thanks, Gemma

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