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A beautiful Bubble Rider sits on our fireplace between two ornate wine glasses. The delicate fairy was a gift from a friend. The glasses, a gift my my step-son and his family. I love how delicate they are. The antithesis of yours truly. I’ve never been one for frills and fancy, but there is something about these pieces of glass that are me. I wanted to collect more Bubble Riders, but I can’t find another that holds a candle to this one. She makes me feels nostalgic and I’m big on remembering days gone by. I don’t live in the past, but I think of it often, and fondly.


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30 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – GLASS

  1. She’s lovely! The past is what has shaped me..all of the lessons learned. I don’t dwell either but do reflect.. We are going to the potluck for search and rescue this evening. I look forward to not having food oriented obligations so I can get going with my healthy regime…Have a wonderful evening..

  2. Those glasses are beautiful. I would love to drink from them. But that girl can have her bubble; I’d be too afraid it would burst.

  3. Very whimsical choice for glass. I think I’d drink orange juice out of those glasses every morning, and fill them with soda on pizza night. That’s what glasses are for!! The bubble girl looks like she’d fit right in at the Miss America Pageant on TV right now! She’d be all, “I like strapless tops, riding bubbles, and shredded capris. I’m BubbleGirl, Miss New Jersey!” Definitely.

    • Whimsical. That’s me. Ha!
      I’m with you on the glasses. After some thought, that’s exactly what I, ah , thought ;-). The drinking out of them part. Not the juice and soda part :-D.

    • Thanks, RT. She’s holding a butterfly. It makes me think of fleeting moments of hope and peace. The fun part is she will never let go of it. 🙂

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