A few years back, Jeff and I took a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  It was our first time there, and we found a fabulous deal  that allowed us to stay at the Opryland Hotel.  While there and to make a long story short, we found a store that was selling the most stunning bronze eagle and Jeff fell for it – hard. The beautiful bird weighed a ton and sported a price tag of almost $800.   Being the person he is, and being the practical one of the two of us, he wouldn’t give in to the purchase.

Cut to the chase.  Upon arriving home, with Jeff out of earshot, I got on the phone and called the hotel.  They helped me track down the store and the bronze eagle and, well, the shipping was almost as much as the bird.  See what I mean about Jeff being the practical one.  I ignored the dollar signs, and now that baby sits on our mantel.

Once the eagle was on the mantel, there was nothing Jeff could really do.  He was far from disappointed. Trust me.

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