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Thursday Lingering Look at Windows – Week 1


And yet another challenge has come to my attention.  There is absolutely no way I can keep up with all these challenges, as much as I want to, but ya just get sucked in.  Ya know?  So where I can, I try to post, and as long as it’s more fun than work, I’ll do what I can.  Like I’ve said before, “If only there were 48 hours in a day…”

Cee has taken over this Window Challenge from Sandra Connor.  Somehow, this one got by me, but I’m on it now.

I have been looking for a reason to post this photo, for –  if you know me or are even the least bit observant – obvious reasons.  I passed by this window display several times and finally was able to make a quick right, then left into a nearby driveway.  The neighborhood is always busseling and it’s so hard to find a spot to stop.  When I got the chance, I took it. Right, left, park, click, post.  I love this shot.  I hope you ‘like’ it. “:-)

peace window

The windows look like they can stand a little scrubbing, but, sometimes, you just need to overlook the grunge. 🙂

There are more windows to look through at Cee’s.  Stop by.


35 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows – Week 1

    • Glad you ‘do’ :-). One is out my front window. One is not :-(. If I was artsy, fartsy I’d be able to make that giant peace sign. I missed the boat…

  1. I agree about all the challenges. It does not help when one’s Internet service is also painfully slow and posting anything takes ages 😦
    Keeping up with all the challenges is impossible. Maybe the solution is to be selective and respond only to those that especially appeal to the blogger.
    I did enjoy your window photos. It was worth all the effort to stop and get a pic!

    • That’s exactly it! Do it because it appeals and applies to yourself. And, because it is fun. I want to take photos. I want to write. I want to have fun. What’s wrong with just doing that?
      Thanks for the visit and the verification, Madoqua. 😉

      • That is a great window. My feline’s fave. I noticed I credited Cee in error. As fabulous as she is, I am sorry that I did that. I will try not to be such a computer/blogger/challenge moron the next time I post. I am going back to look at Cee’s post and find out where I went wrong. For a retired teacher, I’m not much of a reader!! (WHAT A DOPE!) I already sent an apology, but again, AHHHHHHH! I am so sorry. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Great shots there !
    I am reminded of all the Peace Movements way back with women camping out for years at Greenham Common with the second window !!!
    Like your Diamond View 🙂

  3. Aren’t Photo Challenges fun? They fill the gap for me with Winter weather curtailing my outside photography. Sometimes I can get material from inside activities like art museums or malls but in the meantime. I’m happy to match up my existing photos to meet challenges. Thanks for participating & blogging on these challenges. – Bob

    • The are SUCH fun. I love seeing my stuff on line 🙂 and I love seeing other people’s work. Helpful comments are my favorite because I am trying to better my photography skills. Thanks for stopping by, Bob. Your photos are some of my favorites.

      • You’re so very welcome. I sometimes hesitate in giving specific advice because you never know how people will react. I try & make suggestion rather than dictate it’s my way or you’re wrong. I’ve been doing this a very long time and know the most efficient way to get the job done. I’m glad you enjoy my blog as I do yours. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be following(stalking) you. LOL

    • Thanks, Eliz. And thanks for all your comments. You definitely did some catching up. I appreciate it, but please don’t feel obligated. I know it’s hard to keep up. G

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