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Overlooking the Marina in Atlantic City, boasting a magnificent view of the city, is the Chart House Restaurant.  I haven’t had the pleasure of dining there, so I don’t have a photo of the exquisite view they’re bragging about, but I did travel the glass-enclosed walkway right up to their front entrance and enjoyed a different view.  If you look UP, here’s what you see.




Sometimes, you just have to look at things differently.  I’m UP for that!  

Thanks to Ailsa for hosting this posting 🙂  You can see more at her site, wheresmybackpack, by just clicking her link.

To all who stop by to like, comment, or just to browse, my appreciation. 🙂


17 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – UP

  1. Looking UP is the point, so you totally got it right. So awesome. If you were up there, you’d be looking DOWN, and then you’d be….. disqualified…? Whenever the challenge is Down, get up there and have a burger and get it done.

    • Just a personal thing. With Jeff and I both out of work, fancy burgers are not on the menu – right now. 😦 Sadly, that doesn’t stop me from eating too much. 🙂
      Better days are comin’.

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