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You take a tree – maybe one with what looks like a thermometer in it’s belly šŸ™‚

tree 1

A tree in Knight Park in Collingswood, NJ. It looks like it can tell the temperature. Well, I’ll tell you the temperature. IT’S 15 DEGREES!!!!

Cut it down – sort of like this

tree 2

A tree, a cut down tree, a wooden bench, a park full of trees (no surprise there).

And maybe end up with something like this.


Wooden American Eagle and wooden American flag.

Cee, @ ceephotography.com, is hosting a challenge pertaining to the Chinese 5 Elements.Ā  This week’s entry is to be all about wood.Ā  I know I posted an eagle for Cee’s Metal Challenge, but there seems to be a theme around our house.Ā  Jeff is an avid history buff and our house is filled with Civil War photos, American Flags – of the wood, metal and fabric variety – and, of course, American Eagles.Ā  All these gorgeous birds seem to have a menacing look in their eyes, but they are magnificent – wooden or otherwise.

Visit Cee’s for more about wood, and the Chinese 5 Elements. cees-fun-foto1


    • I worried about that when I wrote this. I am not a proponent of tree killing. But the eagle is beautiful and was a gift from a great guy (step-son).
      Thanks, ad.

  1. The tree – what a find! And I think it’s cool how you went a step further and sequenced the pictures like that. Neat.

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