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Thursday Lingering Look At Windows Week 3

Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God.

LENNY BRUCE, The Essential Lenny Bruce

Something to ponder.

I know I did church windows for Dawn’s Lingering Look post last week, but I couldn’t pass these up. These precious little panes are paving a path to the sky. Be ye a believer or be ye not, be you a church goer or be you not, church windows a worth a lingering look. Even a second lingering look.


Not to be a pain, but I think you should make your way to Dawn‘s Lingering Look at Windows. Just click on the link.


20 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look At Windows Week 3

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  2. You know what’s really cool? Scrolling your mouse down the window; I kinda got a little buzz from it. lol
    What kind of church is this? I always make a game out of guessing but this one is def different. The bubbles in the glass are also quite different. They put you in mind of old glass but the building seems fairly modern.

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