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Stopping on a bridge, in the distance down river from where I rest, I see a similar bridge.  I wonder, “Could that be the bridge I was meant to cross?”

Then something inside my heart tells me “No.”

New Hope - Lambertville Bridge - Delaware River

New Hope – Lambertville Bridge – Delaware River

Right now, in this moment, I am meant to be here.  I’m sure of that.  I’ll cross that bridge, that one in the distance, I’ll cross it when I come to it.

Bridge the gap between yourself and Ailsa @ Where’s My Backpack to view more entries for this week’s challenge.  Thanks to Ailsa for hosting, and thanks to you for visiting, commenting, liking, or browsing.

(I’m standing on the bridge that connects Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA – two really neat cities that invite you to shop, dine, or  just stroll and grab a cup o’ Joe.)


26 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME – BRIDGES

      • My husband has just explained to me that a cup o’ Joe is a cup of coffee. Sorry, I didn’t know that one. Here, we say ‘cuppa’ (it covers everything hot you can put in a cup). I learn all sorts of stuff by blogging.

      • Don’t feel bad. Learning’s a good thing. I, for one, am always learning. Maybe I’ll have something more valuable to learn ya next time 😉

  1. This is all very poetic. The story AND the picture. I don’t know how a picture can be poetic, but it is. I never really ask myself that question, because I just do what the GPS guy tells me to do. It’s way less poetic…..

  2. I agree with tha last comment – the post has a nice poetic ‘deep and meaningful’ flavour! I like the frame too, it suits the photo well.

  3. Yes don’t go rushing to cross bridges is the best advice sometimes !

    I had to google cup o’ Joe Gemma …. always learning new stuff me !

    • I have a mug that read Cup O’ Joe. I thought once something made it to the coffee mug circuit, it was universal. Apparently I am the one learning today. 🙂
      Plus it’s my son’s name – not cup o’ joe, but Joe. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, poppy.

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