There’s a coffee shop the next town over that hangs a sign over its door reading EspressIt. GetIt?

They have the biggest, most beautiful muffins I have ever laid my eyes on and coffee mugs the size of sombreros!  After one of these mugs, you could probably make it to South of the Border and back at an energetic, Speedy Gonzalez pace.

On this day, before leaving the cafe, I made a quick ‘pit stop’ to wash off the stickiness of  my fabulous chocolate-avocado muffin.  As soon as I set foot in the, ah, well you know, I had to break out the iPhone. The walls just screamed “take my picture” ‘Arrangement’ was literally all around me.  Tiles were meticulously placed on one wall to create a steaming hot cup of coffee. Opposite the cup, the artist arranged the name of the establishment in colorful, carefully placed glass.

Now this takes some planning.

Coffee ceramic

espress it

You’ll find lots of unique expressions of “arrangement” on Jakes blog.  Just click on the link.

My thanks to Jake for hosting this week’s challenge.  I’d lift my mug to you – if I could! LOL

An arrangement of giant mug, giant muffin, and breakfast reading.

An arrangement of giant mug, giant muffin, and breakfast reading.



    • Believe it or not I have actually walked into two men’s rooms in my day, but this was a one person, unisex bathroom, so either sex got to enjoy ;-).
      I’ll save my bathroom escapades for another day. Lol

  1. Those decorations are too good to hide in the Ladies’ Room!
    Or even the Everybody’s Room. (Anybody’s Room?)
    But even so, what if you don’t need to pee? You’ll miss these great artworks.

  2. There’s an artist in the US, I wish I could remember her name, who pretty much invented the broken tile art style that’s now a major money maker in certain circles. She had a tough life in the beginning; struggling with insobriety. Now she’s a walking interior design corporation. She taught two other women who have opened up their own business copying her broken tile art under their own name.

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