I have to admit, I was a little befuddled when I saw the WordPress Challenge for this week.  I am not a world traveler, nor have I studied any cultures to any great extent.  I was made in Italy, but born here, so that would make me a part of the American culture.  I was born in the 50’s and in time became a child of the 60’s – the hippie culture.  I won’t go into details about what I did or who I ‘hung out with’.  I’ll just say, I had the time of my life.  My husband says that time in my life – a time well before we met – has made me who I am today and that it is still a big part of my life now.  This was me back in the day – during The Age of Aquarius, yeah, yeah, yeah.  (I’ve pieced these together so photographically, they are less than adequate, but you’re lucky they’re not Polaroids!)

culture me

Fast forward to Halloween, 2008.  I’ve been through A LOT!  Times have changed, dramatically.  But still a part of the culture that shaped me still remains, in me, in my way of thinking, and in my heart.  Happily, for me, some of the clothing and, dare I say paraphernalia, has made a comeback as well.

That's me, on the left!

That’s me, on the left!

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  Some people may be quick to judge, and that’s ok. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But I will always be happy I lived through that cultural experience, and  I will always fly my tie-dyed banner, wishing each and every one of you peace.

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“There are so many paths.”

Yup, there are.”

“Do you know which to choose?”

“Well.  I’d think that would be up to the individual.”

“What’s at the end of each path?”

“I’ve heard they’re all very different.”

“Have you taken any of these?”


“How did you know which one you wanted to walk down?”

“It was easy.”

“So.  How did you decide?”

“Well, I knew that down one path I’d find Strength. Down another, Hope. “

“And the others?”

“Wisdom, Knowledge, Opportunity, Love.  The list is long.”

“Are they all good paths?”

“No.  There’s Hate, Darkness, Dispair.”

“But how?  How did you know which to choose.”

Barclay - wooden path

Barclay – wooden path

path Collingswood

Collingswood – Wooden Bridge

Brigantine - Sea Wall walkway

Brigantine – Sea Wall walkway

Walkway to a New Future

Walkway to a New Future

Path along Barclay trail

Path along Barclay trail

Barclay - stone path

Barclay – stone path

”  It may sound strange, and a little bit scary, but it was something I felt.  I had a choice, and I just knew I didn’t want Hate, Darkness, or Dispair.  Any one of the other paths meant a good future for me.  I could feel myself being drawn to the goodness.  From there, it was easy.”

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Ridiculous, I know.  But I couldn’t resist.  When I saw this I had to have a shot of it.  Even on a bad day, he makes me laugh.  I find it interesting the way his cigar, hat, glasses, and boots contrast the rest of him and his “lounge chair”.

Old man at peace with his life

Old man at peace with his life

But then I think, he looks so pleased with his situation.   Comfortable, rested, settled.  In no hurry to get anywhere, do anything.  Harmless.

In contrast with the way the world looks to me today.  Sometimes the smile he brings to me is accompanied by a tear.

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This is week 14 for Dawn’s Lingering Look at Windows.  I missed week 13 and that kind of made me feel like I wanted to do something special.  Maybe it will only be special to me, but that’s OK. 

It’s been an ugly week.  Watching the news is like a lesson in futility.  Or at least I thought so.  Then a blogger friend of mine, who was deeply angered by the ugly events at the Boston Marathon, presented me with a challenge.  She asked if one of us found a reason for hope, we should let the other one in on the secret.  In no time, she beat me to the punch.

I really hope Dawn doesn’t mind me using her blog for such an enlightening purpose.  Dawn, you’re the best and I will get to my windows I swear.  I just want to mention that, no matter what ugliness there is in the world, no matter how horrible and scary things get, we need to have hope.  I certainly would love for everyone to click over to Dawn’s blog, at lingering visions, but, I also encourage you to take in the magic of music on Touch2Touch‘s blog – and believe that there’s hope.

Now for my windows…

This is a photo of a window at a garden center. You might have heard me mention Bob’s.  The people are my family.  My maternal grandparents, aunt, uncles, and my mom – in the white hat.  She’s 90 now.  The others are gone, but the memories remain.  This window is a look into my families past.

Love you, mom.

Love you, mom.

Same window – me – looking into the future, and seeing the results of Hope.



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We’ve been challenged with stairs and steps this week and Cee @ ceephotography.com has definitely stepped it up with this theme.  I’m way behind with posting and picturing, so I’ll just get on with it.  Sit back and relax.   No climbing necessary.

The last shot was some of what Hurricane Sandy destroyed.  Sadly, there is still a lot of work to be done.   When the stairs are replaced, I’ll be sure to get a shot of them.  Meanwhile, click on the icon below to visit Cee’s blog and check out more interesting stair/step photos.



The travel theme this week on Ailsa’s blog is benches.  I found a few photos that I thought fit the bill, but not many.  I drove around today hoping to find one or two more.  You would think that a person could find an interesting bench or two driving around a few city blocks by the beach, but NO!  I saw benches to rest on while waiting for NJ Transit 501 to take you to the casinos, and benches in gardens that are not meant for sitting, but for decorating. (just not very decorative in my opinion)  Sadly, I found nothing like the beauties I’ve seen on some of the other blogs that have joined in on this interesting challenge.  The price of gas nagged me into heading back home with nothing but a bag or two of groceries that I stopped to pick up along the way.  I thought, while I was out:  spinach, salmon, a few green grapes …

Anyway, there aren’t many shots here, but they’re slightly better than the bus stop benches I saw today.  Enjoy.

A place to rest while waiting for a table - Adelphi Diner, Deptford NJ

A place to rest while waiting for a table – Adelphi Diner, Deptford NJ

Outside a shop in Smithville Village, NJ

Outside a shop in Smithville Village, NJ

Ouside same shop, Smithville Village, NJ

Ouside same shop, Smithville Village, NJ

Outside Perkins Arts Center, Collingswood, NJ

Outside Perkins Arts Center, Collingswood, NJ

I will be on the lookout for more benches, just in case.  In the meantime, click on the photo below to get to Ailsa‘s blog – wheresmybackpack for more on the theme.

Bench and tree - after a storm

Bench and tree – after a storm

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It always thrills me to see a new challenge pop up in my inbox.  I’m one of those people that needs a nudge and that’s what these things do for me.  Aside from the fact that I get to browse and visit other blogs which gives me the opportunity to live and learn, I get the push I need to get out there and broaden my photographic horizons.   I have a lot of livin’ and a whole lot of learnin’ to do.  Apparently I don’t take too many road pictures, so there’s work to be done.  In the meantime…

OK.  So the road at the shore is missing, but it’s there.  I promise.  Under all the rain that fell not too long ago.  And my husband took that shot.  Also, the last photo of our house, well, I have to give my son credit for that shot.  See what I mean.  Work to be done.

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This week, Ailsa @ wheresmybackpack challenged bloggers to contrast the weekly photo challenge color with a post about all things pale.  I’m not much into pale, except maybe beautiful, milky, white skin, which I don’t have 😦  but this turned out to be the most fun.  Below are a few of my pallid choices. Take heed of President Lincoln’s quote on the last shot.  Words to live by – or at least words to give some thought to.

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For this week’s challenge, I‘d love to use all the colorful spring flowers growing hither and yon, BUT THERE AREN’T ANYWell hardly any.  This forced me to go on a color treasure hunt.  Spring will pop electric soon enough – I suppose.  Here’s a mix of some of last year’s flowers and a few other items out of the crayon box.

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